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Hello! My name is Tee Ahmed and I am the CEO/Founder of The 26th Lash, an e-commerce beauty company comprised of affordable cosmetics, mink lashes and makeup tools. We offer world wide shipping and white and private labeling for our wholesale items.

The 26th Lash was created in 2018 during a low time in my life. Working a 9-5, not making ends meet and having to deal with constant disrespect from management was extremely hard for me and I felt like I was suffering. Eventually, I decided to walk away from my job without a plan on what would be my next step for income. I always knew I wanted to be successful, just never anticipated I would be leading my own company. I always had a passion for beauty and although this journey hasn't been the easiest I'm so happy I stay committed to my goals and pursued my dreams.


Being a wife and mother has molded me into becoming a better version of myself. Not just for me, but for them!  

"At THE 26TH LASH we believe the BEST revenge is your paper!”

I always tell other women and young girls who aspire to start their own business to always put their best foot forward, no matter what! I can't tell you how many times we've been compared to other small businesses and lash companies, I pay the haters no mind. Yes there's going to be competition, but what God has intended for you will be for YOU! There's room for everyone in this beauty industry so never get discouraged on what the next person is doing.



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